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we.learn.it is an initiative supported by the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions and the European Commission has co-financed this project under Grant Agreement ICT-318530. We are drawing on a core consortium of we.learn.it project partners and a wider network of organizations and individuals. Please get in touch with us – if you are interested to support this initiative.


* A learning expedition is an inquiry-based project initiated by a team of Explorers and guided by an Explorer guide.Learning expeditions we support can be any of following type or a mixture of them:
  • a project that young people develop and implement, without or within a framework of a concept and method developed by teachers or partners
  • a concept for a group of such kind of learners projects and their implementation
  • a project developing the method together for such kind of activities, including at least one implementation.
* A learning expedition can be different depending on:
  • the maturity of the learner/ the level of guidance needed
  • the complexity of the topic to be explored or method used
  • the purpose eg. acquiring knowledge and skills, creating something or contributing to general interest
* A learning expedition can not:
  • be only virtual
  • be biased with a commercial interest


4 Main Stakeholders

  • Explorers (gathered into Teams): Someone who wants to initiate or participate to a learning expedition.
  • Explorer guide: This person is a mentor on a daily base. He can be an older explorer, a teacher or a local facilitator. Explorer guide can also initiate an expedition. We.learn.it will provide a toolkit for the Explorer guides.
  • Master explorer: An inspirational person or expert that has already explored a lot or can provide help in specific field to set up the expedition . He/ she can make a video, have a chat or deliver a master class. Strong inspiration but not much time spent. Can be anyone with a lot of experience in his field, researcher in a university, expert working in a company or association, Filmmaker, Photographer, Nature Explorer.
  • Explorer Angel:Someone who wants to support a learning expedition financially.


we.learn.it offers

  • Help for setting up your learning expedition using a design thinking approach for developing Learning Expeditions that support inquiry-based learning
  • Facilitators, Master explorers guidance and help and a learning expeditions “matching service” (for schools, teachers, learners)
  • International approach and network
  • Technology pool: evolving set of collaborative technologies
  • Funding mechanism for learning expeditions
  • Sharing possibilities for content, methodologies, results
  • Evaluation tools for schools

we.learn.it Partners

  • AALTO University Finland (Coordinator)
  • Stockholm University
  • ELIG (European Learning Industry Group), Vienna/Paris
  • OECD Paris
  • Institute of Education, University of London
  • MENON Network, Brussels/Athens
  • Commonwealth Telcommunications Office, London
  • INTEL, Ireland

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 318299.



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